The Christmas Stories: Radical and Subversive!

Christmas and the Stories of Jesus’ Birth…

Welcome to these reflection pages designed to help you read, contemplate and respond to the story of Jesus. It is specifically intended to consider the birth stories of Jesus and seek meaning for our celebration of Christmas and for our lives beyond the season. I hope that this will be a transformative experience for you. The reflections are spread across the 4 weeks of the season we call Advent that leads up to the season of Christmas, beginning on the 25th December and continuing for 12 days.
Each week there are 8 pages for you to read and reflect upon – you don’t have to read it all in one go but can spread it across the week. You may want to read it a few times if necessary. The material is mixed. There is some historical material to fill in the context of the culture and time of Jesus. There is some Biblical material to provide some insight into what Matthew and Luke are trying to communicate to their readers. There are also Christmas stories from other times that invite you to reflect on how we might live in the light of Christmas. I have also included a couple of Christmas poems and some questions to help you reflect more deeply on some of the material.
The material isn’t always easy to read – it will take time and a little effort and commitment. Hopefully it might challenge you with some different thoughts, ideas and even history – as well as truth about the revelation of God in Jesus. It will probably provoke questions and you may disagree with elements of what I have written. Don’t dismiss your questions and don’t close your mind to the material – walk with it prayerfully and examine the Bible stories themselves. Allow yourself to be taken more deeply into the stories and the life of Jesus and his message of God’s Kingdom of love.
May your celebrations of Christmas grow in depth and may you find challenge, confrontation, inspiration and encouragement. May your ‘eyes’ be opened to deeper insights and mystery of God’s love and the way of God in our world. May your Christmas be peaceful and last the year through!
May you know transforming love and peace in your heart!
Reach out to the lost, the lonely, the hungry, the captive, the poor…
Live peacefully, hopefully, joyfully and sing the song of God’s love!

Grace and Peace,

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