About Geoff…

Hi! My name is Geoff Stevenson and I am a Uniting Church Minister in Western Sydney, Australia.

I write a weekly reflection, which is a chance to go deeper and recognise God (the Sacred, Holy Divine) in my midst, around, in and through me and the world.  I offer these thoughts and ideas that are significant to me in the hope there is something for you to ponder and ‘leap off’ into your own reflections in the Spirit of God.

I have been a Minister in Parramatta Mission, Northmead Uniting Church and most recently as the Team Leader in the Uniting Church Hawkesbury Mission Zone.  I am now the Chairperson-Mission Strategist of the Parramatta-Nepean Presbytery (the Uniting Church in Western Sydney).

I also enjoy Jazz music and play alto and tenor saxophone in a Jazz Band.

I am a passionate supporter of Western Sydney Wanderers FC – the newest-oldest Football team in Australia.

It’s good to share some of life’s journey with you!


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